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As the UK arm of one of the world's largest wine and spirits companies, Pernod Ricard UK recognises and embraces the responsibility that goes with that position. This includes the responsible marketing of our brands to consumers and employees, as well as strong and active support of the drinks industry's trade associations.

Long tradition of promoting responsibility

Pernod Ricard has a long tradition of working to prevent alcohol misuse and our business strategy of promoting the premium nature of our wine and spirits brands goes a long way to encourage consumers to enjoy a drink responsibly.

Accepting Responsibility through products

The UK Government announced voluntary labelling requirements in June 2007. We are committed to providing consumers with the information they need to drink responsibly and display the following on our labels:

  • www.drinkaware.co.uk
  • A sensible drinking message
  • Unit labeling
  • The pregnancy logo

Accepting Responsibility through active membership of industry bodies

We are an active member of the Portman Group, promoting responsible drinking and a committed stakeholder in all its decisions.

This also means we are an active supporter of the Drinkaware Trust, whose role is to educate consumers on the safe consumption of alcohol. The body has launched a dedicated website for under 18s (www.truthaboutbooze.com) and is partnering with the charity Crisis to help tackle the problem of underage drinking.

We are also a key member of the Wine and Spirit Trade Association (WSTA), the Scotch Whisky Association (SWA) and the Gin and Vodka Association of Great Britain (GVA), with senior representative at meetings to ensure a full contribution to an aligned industry response to the responsible drinking debate.

Accepting Responsibility through marketing

In the UK, our marketing code goes above and beyond industry and government requirements. For example at all our public events we commit to:

  • We only give free drinks up to the government's daily guidelines
  • We work hard to ensure food and water is available
  • We have responsible drinking materials available for all people who attend
  • All our communication materials carry responsible drinking messages

In addition to the marketing code, we have our own review panel, where all advertising activity is cross-checked to ensure it is fully compliant and responsible.

Accepting Responsibility through our employees

All our employees are fully trained on our alcohol and driving policies when joining the company and receive regular refresher training. We have a zero tolerance policy towards drinking and driving, which employees sign up to.

At all our internal events, we are committed to reminding employees of the government's recommended daily allowance benchmarks for alcohol. This is to constantly ensure moderation is always front of mind.

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